I know how to say harsh things..

Just accept me the way I am

and do not try to change me.

Please do not try to drag me

into doing things that you think

is good for me.


And if you could judge me

judge yourself first and

understand that people are different.


If you respect this and be sincere,

I’ll be fine.


Please help me with your understanding

before I become sick of you.

Let me be with myself.


It’s not a knee-jerk action. It’s not words of disppointed feeling resulted from childish thoughts.

It’s not a girly kind of regret and stuffs like that. I have always been this way.

I am OK with it. I have been living this way.

Got it? You better worry about yourself.


One thought on “I know how to say harsh things..

  1. assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

    “imam asy-Syafi’i sangat berhati-hati apabila menyusun kata-kata. Bila orang bertanya, dia tidak terburu-buru menjawabnya sebaliknya akan senyap terlebih dahulu. Apabila orang bertanya kepadanya kenapa dia berbuat demikian maka Imam asy-Syafi’i berkata, “Senyap itu tandanya berfikir samada aku perlu jawab atau tidak”

    finally another post is up.I myself haven’t visit my blog lately.But winter is awesome mashallah.Plus,it’s -10 to -20 degree celcius,so to be outside in the evening for along time pains my hands and feet (you know,reynaud’s syndrome.check it out).

    to me,the weakest person is a person who conclude his judgement on other people by saying things only in 3 words.whatever words they are,
    and a person who without thinking much and without knowing anything blindly agrees or disagrees with this 3 words (again,whatever words they are,but 3 overall)

    I’m proud to be brave alhamdulillah.And when i see brave people,i got excited.I know you ‘re brave enough.Bravery when combined with knowledge and dignity , it becomes power.super power.But if bravery stands by itself,it’s a weakness by its core.

    People who know me for 6 years here will certainly won’t be swinging around me after the several tries (e.g 3 years back)to try to change things in me that i don’t want to change and that shouldn’t be changed.I think everyone there knows you.Maybe not much,but you’re quite known,and it’s only logical if the new-comers (freshies) came up to bug you out of things you don’t want them to touch on.But if the old faces are the ones who keep knocking on the door,what is wrong with them?because It’s not something very important and urgent to wash your mind n install another programme,and ,not as important as hukum fiqh or ulum quran or whatsoever.
    It’s only options and choices that people make out of their views towards life the society,and understanding of religion.

    It’s sickening when people kind of forcing us to do this and that thing,coz it’s common,or be it uncommon,to join this and that,to act like this and that.
    Well,not in one occasion i did say ‘Suka hati la.bukan salah pon’.I learned it from some people here who stands for the right thing,yet they look insignificant to many others.

    .’If you respect this and be sincere,

    I’ll be fine’

    If you respect yourself and be sincere,
    You will be fine.

    lots of love.

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