not worth reading.

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.


Here I am. trying to make a post again. ^^ Just let go of me. I need to talk to at least myself. That’s one of my remedy now. The stressed and messed up one needs a remedy! :D

Sejak aku berkawan dengan jiran sebelah ni, aku makin rajin tengok movie jepun. Dia cakap, cerita jepun bagus, banyak pengajaran, not typical, etc.

Mula2 aku tak nak. Sebab aku memang dari dulu lagi ada sangkaan buruk dengan cerita2 ‘TV’ nih. Hmm, Lela Kinah Poh pun sama je. Movie? Sorry lah. Kabel TV tu dah dijahanamkan oleh kitorang. Padan muka.

Dulu aku ingat one time aku pernah tengok movie cina dengan Poh. Masa tu Poh undergraduate lagi. Mungkin lepas tu kut Poh dah tak banyak tengok cerita. Ah, life is just more complicated than those short sights of stories. Right?

Tapi, no. Aku join jiran sebelah tengok cerita. Well they are not that bad. And, uh, I am relieved that I started watching them at this age. Because I have to filter what I’m watching!

I remember weeping after a movie that is based on a true story. It did touch my very deep heart.

Oh yes, aku ada satu perasaan tak suka yang tak habis2 kepada this sort of thing. Satu, and the most important one: I can’t help to think about the real life of those who are acting. That’s me. Aku memang gatal nak tahu bila aku dah tengok. That’s why I don’t like untuk tahu semua benda niiii! I am that curious person. Curiosity takes a lot of my time!

But I can’t deny that some of the movies have really touched my mind. I hope they are muslims! Well this is a funny this to say..but yes I can say that right? I just hope everybody is a muslim. They are so good in the movies! Why is it so hard for muslims to make such stories?! But if this is just for money! Can I faint here? I can’t accept people who make others cry just for money! This is also one of the reasons I hate tengok cerita.. :(

But still, I watched a good number of movies. They teach some good pengajaran.  Well at least, when I have anak2 nanti, I know what to let them watch. ^^ Is this an alasan? Whatever. I’m serious. I can’t let what I have done wasted like this.

This new habit (watching movies) has to prove to me somehow! I have yet to find reasons why I have to continue doing this.


Please pray for me, okay. We can die at anytime. See you.


4 thoughts on “not worth reading.

  1. assalamualaikum.

    Sekarang ni,one thing that has infected the brain of young girls,boys,ladies,mens terutama yang muslim ialah ; the fever of korean soap operas (dramas).I tell you Nirah,never ever get attached to korean dramas (there’re some which are good,but only 2 out of 100,like Dr Hur Jun).I don’t know the situation with your friends malaysians over there,but believe me nirah i’m saying this truthfully,90% of malaysian girls here watch korean dramas/reality TV show every day! English TV is not famous anymore.Bollywood is not famous anymore.If people think that’s a good thing,they are 120% wrong.

    Personally,since the semester started last september,NOT ONE of the korean stuff that they watched are not love stories or useless,100%-fun-and-entertaining reality tv show.The dramas give false hope to teens of getting a fairy-like,imaginable love life like the ones despicted in the dramas.Just imagine this Nirah,a girl,whose principle is not to date any boy during her campus life,because she doesn’t believe in dating for 2 years before marriage,but watches love dramas (moreoever,korean) which 100% will get her hormone humming,but if you ask her,she would say ‘ I won’t do this.I can’t do this’,while she’s laughing and grinning and smiling mysteriously watching the dramas.That’s hysterical and not normal at all.I don’t kniw whether i could say hypocrite or not.

    And the Korean reality TV show,one of it that my friend is watching, is a show about fake marriage between men and women (celebrities),the purpose is just for fun.I can believe if she’s watching this,because maybe she just want to take a look at it,and like you say ,FILTER it by herself.But what i couldn’t believe is,she’s laughing hysterically at it.whaaat??are you kidding me?Where is your sensitivity?

    i told some of my friends who asked (note ; who asked) me about movies.I said i watch Bourne.3 times.i don’t watch korean.Last time I did watch,but then i seemed to find no point at doing that.The typical korean love stories are about 2 people who are in love yet they are paining and aching so badly because of the love,and so mmany crazy impossible coincidences happened blablabla.some people say,well,that’s what makes it a film.
    Or it’s just a story.

    You know what,to make people who read this think,answer this;what is subconscience?
    while you think that a film is just a film,you’re wrong.If a person is fed by the same kind of films or dramas or movies etc many times,he is building a picture for his subconscience.He might say no to things,but subconsciously at the correct time and space,his mind will work automatically and say the opposite thing.
    it’s scary isn’t it,if while he’s sleeping and you’re not there,he actually sleep-talking and say yes to the same question.

    the unique thing about japanese dramas or movies is that,they have a variety of ‘genre’.Even if it’s a love story,it doesn’t go like the korean.But still like i said,most of them are tv-like love stories zzzzzz…if you ask people who frequently visit,they can tell what’s up with the korean and the japanese movies.the japanese has more variety of options,while 90% of korean ones are tv-like love-stories.

    My conclusion is,although i’m not pro-korean dramas,I must say,that it doesn’t matter what dramas or movies you’re watching,be it japanese,korean,english,persian,turkish,thai,african,russian etc.They have the good ones and the bad ones.YOu have to make the right choice,BECAUSE what you feed your eyes will also feed your mind.You think you can control your heart with your mind and vice versa,But the brain has its subconscious part that until one extent is out of your control that even your belief will not become yours tomorrow.


    question ; what is the movie that made you weep?

    i’m very much like you about knowing-actors-real-life thing.
    not only those who act,but musicians,writers etc.But i have to say,most of time it didn’t make my day.

    mmmm i did watch A LOT of stories with Poh.No kidding Poh had influenced me in so many ways and i’m thankful for that.

    Good directors/producers don’t make people cry just for money.

    When you watch any movies/dramas,try to learn to watch ‘properly’ (pay good attention),smartly,and look deeper.Last time I watched Tron legacy and Sherlock Holmes.If one doesn’t PAY attention to these movies,,one wouldn’t notice some tiny details in the scenes,scripts,that actually rendered some important messages for reminder.

    Happy watching ^_^

    lots of love

  2. when i have kids insyallah, i want to have something like a tv (or PC-TV) where you can make a special list of films,cartoons,documentaries,etc that can be watched.So the TV doesn’t function like a normal TV ,because if it’s normal,I don’t want it in my house.
    Some might ask.what about news?news is not only on tv.

    So when it’s time to watch something,the kids watched things that i’ve filtered and chose for them.I guess i can’t say ‘watching TV’ right?hehe

    for now,that’s how i want to bring up my kids,insyallah.

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