We felt like lost pieces, and they kept us in another puzzle box. Being wrong pieces, we cannot always fit in.

It is important to realize that this is not our puzzle.  Trying to force the piece to fit is a ridiculous effort,

unnecessary, tiring. We should create our own puzzle from what we actually have: just one piece…

Make it fit our own puzzle, piece by piece, just as the primitive original cell continued dividing until it created

an entirely  new organism… Invest in the process. Why try to fit in a place which is not ours?

We’ll only succeed provided we comply with who we are.

Adapted from Max Steiner .

How can I say it. It’s there in the internet. Everything is explained. I and people like me have already been exposed. Some people brag about it. Some people find it very rare. Although it’s there and well-explained, I don’t mind at all. I don’t care at all!

But how can I explain it. People here want me to talk to them, which is one thing that I always want to avoid. It’s not at all ‘cool’ for me. It will ‘kill’ me. I’m dying just by thinking about it. I don’t want to involve in this kind of thing. Just let me heal myself slowly.

But people do not know that something is different. That’s them. They do nothing wrong. But it’s a lifetime battle for me.

Sighs.. I have yet to learn that not everything will happen according to what suits me.

Well, ok. If it really has to happen and I have to talk in front of others, may Allah make that as a good remedy for me. I don’t have any other hopes other than Him.


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