come here. yes, come here!

I want to meet you. I want to see you.

I want to speak and share things with you.

I keep asking for your presence and I wonder why too.


But there is only one ‘place’ to meet and you won’t find me ‘elsewhere’.

You’ll only find me ‘there’..


It is a ‘place’ where you can ‘listen’ to the buzzing of the ‘bees’.

You’ll find them making ‘the noise’ but they are so happy.

And so I am..


I’m sorry, I’m not going out from this place. This is my place.

The chosen one..


Though I have seen many have gone outside and they never came back.

I wonder why and until now, I keep praying that they’ll all be here once again.

And at least once.


Because nobody will be able to forget once they step inside..


I will try to make you come and see me so that I can be your friend.


It is a very beautiful place.

I’m sure you have seen it before.


Come and feel the serenity. It’s true that by coming here

you’ll fall in love with The One

who owns all things.


And until you come, I’ll be waiting.


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