About that taekwondo tournament, I shoud have written it earlier. Sir Manimaran asked me if I would like to join as a referee. But I refused because of the uniform. It’s inaproppriate for me. Sir understood that, fortunately. So, there I was, exhausting myself as an ‘urusetia’.

Taknak cerita panjang. But lastly I managed to get closer to many persons, including Sir Manimaran and Sir Ali (the other instructor). I managed to smile to some other kids who previously I did not talk to. Some even came to me and took photos. Some talked a lot and ^^ massaged my shoulders. A teenage boy, who thought I am a younger girl, tried to ‘ayat’ me. Fortunately ‘Auntie’ (Sir Manimaran’s wife) told him that I’m way older and he’s got embarassed.

Hmm, kesian budak-budak ni. Semoga diorang selamat. Semoga Allah kurniakan kami masa depan yang cerah. It was fun. But my aim was not to be an urusetia, but to enter that ring and fight a taekwondo fight to higher levels. Inshallah, one day.

You can view some of the photos they took here; my first ‘taekwondo day’

oh, by the way, yesterday is the first time I drove a car!! wohooo


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