By default I’m a geek. Even online. Speaking or writing, they are the same. They involve people and they invite responses. My fingers couldn’t cheat. My fingers and my tongue share the same brain.

Anyway, writing is easier. I could write in any language I want. I could edit and re-edit many times. Eventhough I usually feel embarrassed thinking that I usually don’t speak out loud about what I wrote.

But it’s not cool. Some days I will eventually need my tongue to speak my brain, not my fingers. Well, I don’t usually talk about my life experiences. In other words, I don’t usually speak.

In our family, we don’t usually talk to each other about feelings. When it happens, it means we are really close to each other. I don’t find it strange that we don’t talk much. We’re 10 persons and we’re happier this way alhamdulillah.

I tried to write about my life experiences many times but I could not. Even my previous post, it is very generally written. I think I somehow lacked sincerity, that’s why I couldn’t convey the message I would like to be conveyed from those wonderful life experiences.

Allah knows best.


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