Thinking and forgetting. Doing and regretting. Agreeing and disagreeing. Seeing and ignoring. Inconsistencies.

These always happen inside me. 4 years ago was the best setting. Did I really lose my conscience? I always thought what I was doing was right until I found out it was just an illusion, or a truth incomprehensible to me.


Say for example, people who like Fatih Seferagic, may Allah continue to bless him. Two days ago, because I did not know what to do and got so bored, I was tempted to know who are those people that like Fatih Seferagic so much.

Well, of course, most of them are girls. Most of those who wrote their admiration are Asians, more specifically, Indonesians and Malaysians. There are numerous writings about him, about how well he recites, how his recitation touched their hearts.

Well there’s nothing wrong in that. And some just directly wrote that he is a handsome guy. So that’s it. Fatih Seferagic is just a beautiful and handsome guy. I knew this guy, I think, 3 years ago when I was in Jordan where every men here looks just like Fatih Seferagic to me.

They compared Fatih Seferagic to Justin Bieber. Poor. He is just a normal guy living a normal life. And getting compared. That must be a joke.

I have this negative thinking that these girls were actually more stunned by his ‘handsome’ness rather than his quran recitation.

I know because I used to be like that too. I admired something or someone and told myself that “this is what I’ve been looking for, it’s perfect”, and so on. Luckily, I managed to somehow understand the bias and I smirked at that.


Thinking and forgetting. Doing and regretting. Agreeing and disagreeing. Seeing and ignoring.

Inconsistencies will continue to happen if we don’t hold tight to the rope of God. Knowledge raises people to the rank of piety and piety raises people to higher and higher ranks in the sight of God.


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