When I just about to move out, a problem happens. Just to feel positive, I’ll take it as a sign that Allah wants me to be relieved about moving out.

I had been worrying and wondering about what living at a new place might feel like. I’m a loner that hates crowds. When I move I’ll have to rent a house and get a car. I’ll have to drive for the first time. I’ll have to be sure to get a GPS before driving because if I get lost I’ll panic. I’ll have to do shopping. Maybe I’ll have to make phone calls for deliveries. All of these by myself. Though I like to do things alone, the idea of moving and leading a somewhat different life worried me somehow.

Now that an annoying problem happens, I can’t wait to leave and just kill my worries and do all of those things. For now, disappearing from everybody’s sight is the best solution.

The reason I feel annoyed is because I don’t forget about the past. But people just forget so easily. What can I do about it? Nothing.

Just leave.


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