Listening to the quran recitation and listening to nasheeds or songs. Both cannot be compared. These are two different paths. Reflect about what you usually listen to. Yea, that shows a part of you.

Yesterday I stumbled, once again, upon this website. This is my second time dropping by it since 3-4 years ago. At that time I was actively learning tajweed online. The website owner was one of my teacher. I listened to his podcasts numerous times. He is Khaled Bouchafaa, an Aussie. His students are worldwide and mostly never met him but his teaching is good and can be easily understood.

Yesterday I searched about him on the net. When you learn something from somebody (although the person might not know that you’re learning from him), you will want to know the person more. But I couldn’t find a single information about the teacher. Rather, I found out people who personally know him talking good things about him.

I guess he respects himself very well. Despite of his great work, he receives no profit from teaching tajweed online and does not care if he is not known.

He got my respect.



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