While waiting to board the plane to KL (for the induction course), I wrote this;

1) I must work hard

2) I must continue learning

3) I must be organized

4) I must not get angry

5) If I doubt, I must ask

6) If I don’t know, I must refer

7) I must always stay motivated

8) If I don’t know what to do, I must find something to do

9) If I don’t like something or somebody and I have reasons, I don’t have to worry about it

10) If I got sad or angry when I don’t want to, I must find the cause and solution

11) If I’m guilty, I must admit it

12) If I’m doing something aimless, I must limit it to the least extent possible

13) If I’m doing something I don’t like, I must find a way to end it

14) If I can’t, I should think if it’s stoppable. I will try to stop it. But if I can’t, I must pray for Allah’s guidance.

Hmm.. well, these have been inside me for all these times…. Nothing has changed. But life is going to be serious starting from now….. This is sooo bitter.. -_-

Now I’m staying alone in my sister’s house in KL before going to Sabah on 13th. Lela and Kamilah went to Jordan for Kamilah’s registration in Yarmouk University. Tomorrow I’m planning to go shopping. I’m going to look for office wears and things. But I definitely don’t know how to continue living without my cute black robe ^^. I will wear it everyday like I used to. Nothing will change and no change is needed.

Anyway, I’m still feeling scared of what’s waiting for me there in Sabah. May Allah make it easy for me and for everybody.


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