Now at KLIA. I’m sitting on the floor right where everyone is passing is front of me. I don’t know but if this is Jordan it is normal to sit at spots like this. I was looking for a more ‘remote’ place but this is the only one with an electric  plug. (Sigh..) Buat muka tembok je la.

I came here by public transport from Pantai Hillpark to KL Sentral to KLIA. My bags are heavy (I thought they’re not) I had no choice but to endure it. It’s not a big deal though.

On the KLIA Express, an old man sat in front of me. I knew from the very start that this must be a businessman. He is Mr.Karu (I forgot his family name). We exchanged our infos with an unknown prospect. But a businessman won’t want to lose people!

You understand, it is not like me to exchange infos with someone I don’t even know. Well, it goes like this; first, he accidentally dropped his personal belongings in front of me. Second, he lost his boarding pass and was looking frantically for it. Third, he asked me where I’m going and what I’ll be doing, etc. I was worried all the way, because..because I don’t have confidence when it involves people. =.= but it was OK. He is a nice guy.

I managed to talk casually and avoid the sensitive topics he brought up. Maybe because I have a blood of traders inside me (haha). But no joking, my great grandfathers are famous traders. I could make a good business woman =.=.

He tried to talk about Kelantan, PAS, Islam, marriage (why I’m not married), etc. I only laughed, I did not comment much. Because even if I answer, it is not a suitable ‘platform’ to talk about that. For once, I feel this businessman is just a normal ‘pakcik’ I’d find in any place. =.= So all passengers near us were listening to us. His voice is loud =.= but it’s ok =>  I was happier when he started talking about his teeth.

All people are the same at heart. We hope, we live, we sin. Nobody is better than anybody. But we must learn how to respect and how to continue respecting others. We have beliefs but let not beliefs broke us apart (it’s ridiculous to break apart just because of beliefs). Only then, we’ll discover each and everybody’s benefits toward us and that’s where we won’t want to lose anybody we’ve known in this life.

Yesterday I was in Pasar Seni looking for something. What a terrible place it is. So many people, so many men, so noisy. I looked at many faces. At first I felt awkward because they looked terrible to me (colored hair, punk-looking) but then I remembered that I have friends like these people too. ^ ^ Why should I even feel scared..

I don’t know what more to write. I’ll post this first.


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