Alhamdulilah, thank God I finally found a room to rent. What a tiring journey it is to be a government servant. I hope it is only at the beginning..

We are six girls and one boy. We girls found this room. They don’t prefer it but I decided to rent it alone. The other girls stay together in a 3-bedroom house. The boy also found a room.

We arrived on 13th Feb, today it’s 15th, so we’ve actually spent two nights at hotels.

Days were hectic. We’re all already exhausted now. The work will start on Monday. Hopefully I’ll be prepared before that.

What concerns me now is the people who’s going to work with me, not my lack of knowledge.

The landlord is a great person. She is 75-year-old Aunt Betty, a former police officer and is impressively a strong and active woman. She reminds me of my landlord in Jordan; Dr. Raby.

I haven’t yet introduced myself to the neighbours. I’m a bit coward at this. I have no idea who they’re. But not all of them are females. =S

I’m telling myself to just “be yourself!” and act kindly and accordingly. I’m still not used to living a society life!

But alhamdulillah I’m really happy to have found this room. Loneliness is a bliss.


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