Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of the third week I am here. First week was a settlement period, which was quite hectic. Last week was fun. I was worried to have been assigned so many appointments. Interaction with patients is the best thing at the clinic. Communication between us professionals are questionable, I haven’t really enjoyed it yet. Maybe because I’m still new. I could not pretend to be brave enough to introduce myself to each and every doctors and staffs in that clinic, because I am simply not able to do that..

Actually I was quite sick last week even today although now it feels better. I was a little bit grumpy maybe due to the pain. I think that might not look nice to others but hey it’s me, I am ok with it. What I concern now is my patient, my responsibility and my knowledge. God knows how damn it feels like when you know you are ignorant when you should’nt be. Hmm.

Tomorrow I will be consulting pregnant moms. I hope it will go well. Ya rab..


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