OK so suddenly I’m having a free time. I guess this is the perfect time to write something down. Bu what to write? (Haha, not again..)

There are three things I need to be careful at so not to let my focus away; gossiping, shopping, and complaining. Are there some more? I don’t know because these three are the most obvious.

Well the truth is these three things are new to me, they’re not familiar with me. But mingling with new people makes it more obvious. I might fall into doing them regularly if I’m not careful. It’s actually sickening. I guess I should stop. Stop what? Mingling with those people who always gossip, complain and go shopping? No. It is; STOP doing ‘whatever’.

‘Whatever’ is not a word for me anymore. I have already started a new chapter of life, I must choose what’s next. I cannot do ‘whatever’. I need to become myself. To like what I’m supposed to like. To leave what I’m supposed to leave. To stay on the right track.


I hope you agree. But you don’t need to wait. You can start anytime. The earlier, the better. Isn’t it? ^^

(Did I write something?)


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