On this 1st of April I will start posting at Papar Dental Clinic. It is about 1 hour driving from where I live.

I want to keep believing this is not gonna be a big deal.. I am really excited about this coming new experience.
But I still have one worry. I am afraid that I might not be a reliable dentist or a healthcare provider. I am not sure whether this feeling is called ‘lack of confidence’ or ‘inferiority complex’.. But haha I am seriously worried as if I am waiting for a moment where patients and colleagues blame me for a stupid mistake. God please dont let it or the kind happen to me or anyone.

Paranoia? Not to that extent, I think.


Ok! If I am not sure about anything I must ask no matter how stupid the question might be!! The most important thing is my patient wellness. Would I sacrifice their wellness for the sake of avoiding ‘loss of face’ to my colleagues. This sounds super ridiculous. But, maybe, this is what I am worying about.

It is time to grow up alreadyyyy…


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